Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spoke on the wheel, Spook in the wind

I am selling my Columbia Twosome tandem bike and was just thinking of all the funny stories that happened on it.
One of them was using it for Spoke on the Wheel, Spook in the Wind- a trailer for a horror movie some friends and I made.
The tandem got flats the whole time, and I crashed us into the back of a van one day after filming. All the picnic food went flying and so did Shilo and I. We were literally laughed at by high school kids. Ha ha!

Spoke on the wheel, Spook in the wind was presented at Bike Shorts in Oct 2007 and never played or worked on since. :(
This was fun! Miss you guys- Bill Dozer, Shilo Byrd, Sara Evers, Araby Williams.
Gina Marie