Friday, April 15, 2011

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Best Bike Shops in NYC

Even with the ever-increasing (or declining?) number of cyclists on New York City streets these days, finding a good bike shop is like finding an expensive needle in a haughty haystack. But these recommendations will steer you in the right direction for best service, free workshops, and how to avoid the worst service money can buy.

Best for Fixed Gear: King Kog

Lovers of fixed gear bikes, those one-speed wonders that are popular with the young crowd, can rejoice at the bevy of brakeless delights at King Kog, a specialty shop in Williamsburg. King Kog has everything these minimal, practical bikes need, including toe straps, solid wheelsets, and 1/8 inch components. Moreover, they offer beautiful cycling jerseys, caps, and bags. They also sell brakes, which we recommend slapping on your bike anyway, what with that NYPD bike crackdown and all.

King Kog, 453 Graham Ave. between Meeker and Richardson, Williamsburg, (347) 689-2299